Prospective Employee Management

Prospective Employee Management


There comes a time in every company growth, where the business starts becoming sustainable and CEO and directors need to let go of certain tasks, including the human resources task of hiring quality employees, and rather focus on company growth, innovation and taking their company to the next level. The amount of effort that goes into advertising positions, checking CVs and short listing is time better spent elsewhere in the company. Yet, if the task is just passed off to unqualified professionals or uninterested parties, often the standards are dropped and the company starts hiring incorrect prospective candidates or unqualified professionals. Without proper reference and social media checking, the company and human resources could potentially hire inadequate candidates who are not right for the company’s culture.


This is where Red Pepper Consultants comes in. With years of experience under their belt in Human Resources, Payroll, Dispute Resolution and Resume Drafting, they have the right experience and know-how to champion the task of finding the right prospective employee. They have also a long-list of satisfied, high-profile clients, including, but not limited to; Wimpy and Von Bruun. They have formulated and perfected over time the procedures during the entire recruitment process, resulting in time being saved for the company resulting in savings also on the bottom line.


Red Pepper Consultants take care of the human resources task of advertisements placements, using correct resources for each position and tailoring requirements to attract the right employee. They deal with the copywriting of the advertisement, as well as the strategic placement in newspapers and online media. They have also streamlined the interview process, by developing key interview questions and quality checking social media and preference references. They take into consideration each company’s culture, focus and mission to ensure the same ideals are within the prospective candidates. They will phone the previous employees, check if the candidate fits within the company culture and ensure quality.


They short-list hundreds of applicants down to a vital few, which they will then bring to your attention so that you only have to look at the top prospective candidates rather than the whole crowd. The fact is that interviewing endless people that have not been screened wastes company time, as well as the time of those people involved. Rather let a consultant company do the foundation work for you.


As Red Pepper Consultants offer a variety of Human Resource services, it just makes sense to utilize them in being your consultant of choice for Prospective Employee Management. Other services that Red Pepper Consultants offer include handling business labour disputes, from initiating disciplinary enquiries, through to managing documentation. They also administer payroll systems and administration, as well as human resources services.


Red Pepper Consultants are based in Johannesburg, the business hub of South Africa, and can be reached on or find more information on